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Be Mentor Prospective Bangladeshi Students

Cholo Bidesh Jai is a skilled immigration platform where our aim is to provide affordable and reliable support to prospective Bangladeshi students who want to come in Canada. Skilled and competent current Bangladeshi students are being asked to apply for mentor.

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Be Mentor Prospective Bangladeshi Students

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It is a simple process to apply for mentor Cholo Bidesh Jai. First read the rules and regulations and the Click on the following link. Fill-up all the information. Once your application will approve, you will become mentor and engage with students.
Before applying to become mentor, please read the rules and regulations.
- Be professional and ensure that you never get personally involved.
- Don’t make promises that can’t be fulfilled, cause it just raises false hope.
- Respect each other’s personal lives and maintain professional relationship.
- Clarify any issues with confidentiality.
- Regular contact is important to develop a good relationship.
- It is important to agree that only virtual communication through zoom and email are acceptable to both parties. It is completely prohibited to communicate with students from personal social media platforms.
- Meetings should be regular and formal to encourage a good environment being developed, care must be exercised to encourage prospective students.
- Missed or cancelled meetings should be rearranged as soon as possible to provide the best services.
- Contact on a regular basis to check that the students are meeting their needs.
- Active mentoring is expected to ensure questions, answers and pushes as appropriate.
- Passive mentoring should be applied to acts more as a sounding board for ideas, encouraging them and perhaps booster their confidence from time to time.
- It is important that as part of your initial conversations as mentor should be an active or passive mentor.
- Not everyone has the same style of working and learning. Sometimes there may be a clash of styles in a mentoring relationship. This is not a failure. It just means you need to modify your style, but if this is not possible it may be necessary to withdraw from the relationship.
- Mentoring relationships only work effectively if they meet the needs of both parties. There must be mutual respect, trust, openness, a willingness to share stories, insights, wisdom etc. so, both parties are happy with the relationship.